Hi, We're TreeRing

What We Do

We've updated the old school yearbook industry. We capture student's memories in a yearbook that not only reflects the school, but makes each student the star of their own book. All while eliminating the cost of the yearbook for schools and having a positive impact on our planet.

Why We're Here

The traditional yearbook only includes a few photos of each student. In today's smart phone world student's have thousands of photos of themselves and their friends. This makes the traditional yearbook a lot less relevant. TreeRing brings the yearbook into the internet generation with custom pages, online signatures and more.

Unfortunately, traditional yearbook companies often rip off schools, insisting on minimum order quantities and imposing all kinds of fees. We operate at zero cost to schools, only printing books parents decide to purchase.

Obviously printing yearbooks requires natural resources. We offset this by printing on partially recycled paper and planting a tree in your schools name for each book purchased.

Simply put, we care about your memories, your school, and our planet.

Why the Name "TreeRing"

"The concentric rings from the cross section of a tree is like looking back in time. That’s what inspired us to create TreeRing. We’re creating a place to capture each student’s memories so that years from now they’ll look back and see the story of their lives."

- Aaron Greco, CEO & Co-founder

How We Do It

Technology is the backbone of the company. Our business model that eliminates costs for schools is fantastic. Our commitment to the environment is commendable. Our print quality is second to none. However, our biggest differentiator is our product. The incredibly powerful yearbook building and collaboration software is what stands out. Customers are able to build beautiful books in less time with more joy.

Where We Are

Headquartered in San Mateo - the heart of silicon valley - with remote employees spanning the US. We love our downtown San Mateo office in a historically preserved building that is over 120 years old and was previously a library, city hall and a fire department!

Who We Are


Aaron Greco
CEO, Co-founder
Kevin Zerber
CTO, Co-founder
Brady McCue
Head of Partnerships, Co-founder
Bobby Hernandez
Head of Business Growth
Kristina Cruz
Head of Marketing
James Ameriks
Head of Customer Delight & Operations
George Ku
Head of Product

Senior Staff

Abigail Oxendine
Customer Delight
Allison Vecchio
Visual Design
Brian Martinson
Cassie Wesley
Customer Delight
David Baden
User Experience
Debbie Greco
Customer Delight
Ed Ganze
Customer Delight
Israt Monika
Quality Assurance
Jack Mullis
John Moskwa
Kris Crowley
Kristie Meloney
Business Growth
Lanea Gilmore
Customer Delight
Patrice McDonald
Customer Delight
Rose Glasso
Customer Delight
Sarah van de Leur
Customer Delight
Susie Maldonado
Customer Delight
TJ Soffera
Business Growth
Tracy Piper
Customer Delight
Tyree Glenn
William Chidyausiku

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