Top 10 Reasons to Join TreeRing

No Contracts, No Commitment

We offer a $0 financial commitment to all of our school partners. There are no minimum orders, no commitments and never any left-over books. Parents and students can purchase a copy of their yearbook directly from TreeRing. We only print what’s ordered, which means there won’t be any wasted books or cost to your school.

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Easy, Yet Powerful Software

With TreeRing’s software, your yearbook will be the easiest you’ve ever built. The headaches from building your portrait pages and designing your book are magically cured with powerful automated tools and template based, drag and drop pages.

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Affordable Prices

We believe that every student should have the right to celebrate their year through the culture of the yearbook. But some families can’t afford pricey yearbooks from traditional publishers. We’re democratizing the yearbook and making it affordable for everyone by investing in technology to improve efficiencies and keep costs down. What's more, parents purchase directly on our site = zero cost to your school.

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Personalized Pages

Ever struggle to make sure each student feels included in your yearbook? With TreeRing every student gets two free, uniquely printed pages, so they can fill their yearbook with personal memories. Since parents and students use our template-based software to create their own pages, there is no extra work for you, the yearbook editor. But don't worry, unless you invite them, parents and students cannot work on the yearbook itself. That's still in the hands of you and your yearbook team.

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School Fundraiser

TreeRing gives you the ability to add a fundraiser amount to the cost of each yearbook. We also make selling recognition ads (should you want to) super easy, just set the price per size and let the parents decide if they'd like to purchase. Since we only print the books that are purchased, your fundraising efforts can fund new laptops or a STEM program rather than covering the cost of left-over books.

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Premium Quality

All TreeRing yearbooks are gorgeously printed in both softcover and hardcover with upgrade otions such as gold and silver foil and embossing. We laminate hardcover books and UV coat our softcover books to provide extra duability. Moments are over in seconds, but memories - and your TreeRing yearbook - will last forever.

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TreeRing’s environmental roots go deeper than our name. We have a strong commitment to the environment and to protecting the planet that our children will inherit. Besides eliminating unnecessary waste, we plant a tree for every yearbook purchased and print all our books on recycled paper.

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3-Week Turnaround

Once you've finished designing your yearbook we'll get it to you within 3 weeks. Period. That means you can now include the entire year's worth of activities in the yearbook.

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Everyone’s a photographer now, right? TreeRing makes it easy to source photos for your yearbook from parents and students by allowing your yearbook team to create Shared Folders. When parents and students create their free accounts to purchase a yearbook, they can also add photos to designated folders (ie. Halloween Party). You still get to pick and choose which ones you’ll use, but you’ll have a lot more to select from.

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Online Payments

Yearbook editors tell us how much they love to design, but how little they like to collect money for yearbook sales. TreeRing gives your community the ability to purchase their yearbook directly online. We’ll collect the money and keep track of sales, freeing you up to do more of what you love. Making a beautiful yearbook.

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The Delight Team

This is extra, just like our Delight Team. Having a great business model and product is one thing, but sometimes you need a little more. A little more help to make your yearbook experience a great one. We've got you covered with 100's of videos and how-to articles, along with phone and email support. No more waiting for someone to come back from vacation to help you, at TreeRing we have a team of passionate yearbook experts to help you whenever you might want a little extra.

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